Waste FAQ

Waste Disposal FAQ

Q. What items are not allowed in my bin?

A. Here is a short list of prohibited items:

• Tires.
• Fridges/freezers/air conditioners.
• Mattresses and box springs.
• Liquids.
• Propane cylinders.
• Railroad ties.
• Hazardous materials.
• Paint and solvents.
• Grass clippings.
• TVs and computers.
• Dead animals.
• Straw and manure.

Q. What sizes of bins do you carry?

A. Click here for our bin-sizing chart.

Q. How much room is needed to drop off and pick up a bin?

A. We will need approximately 60 to 80 feet of space for our truck to back in. The entrance to where the bin will be placed must be at least 10 feet wide.

Q. Can I place my bin on the road in front of my house?

A. Yes, but a permit is required from the City of Edmonton. We can arrange this for you.

Q. Can you place the bin on my front lawn?

A. Yes we can, although damage to sidewalk and to your landscaping may occur.


  • 15 to 40 cubic yard bins
  • Toilet Rentals
  • Temporary Fence Rental/Sales

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